Frequently Asked Questions

What is Activalve?

Activalve is the new modern mains water control

Does it need a power source?

No, the Activalve is completely mechanical so requires no power source or batteries - ever!

Will the water shut off when I'm at home?

No. If the temperature in your home is low enough for Activalve to trigger it is very unlikely you will be there in the first place. It is designed so that shut off is only likely to occur if you are away from home and your heat is off or your boiler breaks down unexpectedly allowing the temperature to plummet.

Will it stop freezing pipes bursting?

The Activalve is designed as an emergency automatic shut off­ device, it can not stop pipes bursting if they freeze but it will significantly reduce potential damage if they do.

Where does it go?

It is only intended for use inside your property. Activalve should replace your old main water valve or can be placed in line with it if necessary. Your main water shut off valve is generally found under your kitchen sink or in a basement if you have one, and usually at a point close to where the supply enters your property. 

Do I need a Plumber?

We recommend a qualifled plumber to install Activalve, however it can be fitted by an experienced DIY person.

What maintenance is required?

Just like your old main water valve no maintenance is required, however we do recommend that you simply turn the water on and off a couple of times a year as this helps prevent the build up of lime scale within the valve.

What approvals does it have?

Activalve is UL and WRAS approved.

What are the Benefits?

Only 1 in 6 people actually know where their main water valve is located, Activalve is designed so that in an emergency anyone can easily find, identify and turn the water off within seconds.

What are the dimensions?

The actuator, excluding the valve dimensions are; 6" high x 3 1/2" wide x 2 3/4" deep. (150mm x 89mm x 70mm)

Can it be fitted to horizontal pipework?

Yes the Activalve can be mounted to both vertical and horizontal incoming water mains.

Is there an override?

If for any reason a user needs to override a triggered activalve, simply detach the actuator by removing the two screws and turn the valve on with spanner or screwdriver.

What if I don't have an internal main water valve?

Get one! If your mains water valve is located in the pavement or ground outside your property it will be very difficult to find in an emergency if covered by snow or ice.

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